Hey! I'm Patricia

I help heart centered business owners just like you, with administration,

so you can spend more time with your tribe.

You’re a professional in your field,

and when you started your little biz you could get everything done by yourself. 


But as your business grew, so did the demands on your time. 


Now doing everything may feel like you’re missing out on spending time with your tribe, delivering your magic and enjoying time building your biz. 


Let me help out.

Business Administration

Administration support for heart centered business owners.

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The value of a freelance VA.

VA = Virtual Assistant; someone who completes specialised admin actions in an independent location to the person they support. 

A VA, aka Patricia Mary, can help you smash your to-do list, take care of admin actions that you would like completed but don’t have time to do yourself. Maybe there is a specialised skill that needs completing, like website updates, social management or document formatting.

How does this help you and your biz? These behind the scenes actions free up your time and mind, creating space so you can focus on developing new ideas and growing your biz.  

image of Patricia Mary - Virtual Business Administration Support

My mission...

is to help heart centered thought leaders, creatives and solopreneurs with business administration so they can spend more time connecting with their tribe, sharing their magic and building their biz.


Trust          Kindness          Growth          Support           Collaboration

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