Patricia Mary

Hey there!

I’m so glad you’re here. 

If you’re starting to think I’m the right women to work with, I’ve shared my story to give you a little more info to help you decide. 


Waaay back in the day (in 2012), I started teaching workshops in personal/spiritual development. It was my micro business, just me… all by myself. With a shoe string budget, a mind for creative thinking and a solution focused mindset, I made it happen.

But I knew nothing about technology, administration or how to start a business. So, I sat down and read books, websites, watched YouTube videos and listened to podcasts. I played in Social Media, website platforms, made and sent newsletters and had a ball learning lots of techy tools to help me out. All I learnt helped me get my business and technology needs plus online presence sorted.

After a few years working both in and on my business, I discovered that I loved the administration and technology side of everything I was doing, that’s what made me decide to enrol in a Business Administration and Technology course to enhance my learning.

I’ve realised that my blend of formal and self taught education, has given me an edge with how I can help you out, plus I get what it’s like when trying to both work in and on your biz at the same time. I look forward to working with you soon. 

Education (Formal Training)

Business Administration and computing Level 3 (Wintec, Hamilton, NZ)

Business Administration and Computing Level 4 (Wintec, Hamilton, NZ)


Norris Ward McKinnon top graduating student 2016 – Business Administration and Computing Level 4

I love to...

Spring and summer time garden

Roller skate with friends and get coffee

Learn how to do more tech stuff (I know, I’m a geek) 

Play netball + shoot goals for my hometown Ohaupo

Mow lawns on a big red ride on mower

Drop me a line and I’ll be in touch.